Let's Make You
Feel Safe

With our blockchain-based security solutions, you can be certain that your data will remain safe.

We do Blockchain
the Right Way

It's not enough to build layer 2 solutions on platforms that lack speed and scalability. That's why we developed Aleph Zero — to grow the fastest ecosystem in the world and guarantee proper performance for years.

Customized blockchain

We implement security solutions based on Aleph — our own blockchain with immense speed and scalability.

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Decentralized apps

Do you want to build a dApp that actually works? Make sure you chose the right tech.

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Consensus-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the implementation of Aleph's consensus in pre-existing DLT solutions.

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how things are being done

Our Process

In less than a year, we established a team full of passionate people with proper business and academic track record.


Research is how we start our every project. Cardinals can prepare a proper technical whitepaper for more complex solutions, or simply work on business-ready solutions.

Dive into our research process
Prototyping & Market Analysis

For building Proof-of-Concepts (PoC), we use Python — a programming language that's both fast and cheap, what makes it perfect for prototyping. Prior to PoC being done, however, we'd advise to perform a proper market research — is the solution actually necessary?

Check out the stages for prototyping your idea

When it comes to MVPs, alfa, beta, and final versions of the solution at hand, we do have a highly skilled Go language team. This is also what Aleph itself has been written in.

DevOps is not just a name
usability & user friendliness

How it works is equal to how it feels

It's not enough to ship the best technology out there. You also have to make sure that people will want to use it.


Exceeding Expectations

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Customized Blockchain

If you'd like to see Aleph Zero modified to your specific needs, just let us know — and we'll handle the rest.

Wallet Integrations

Exchange owners can integrate Common — our trustless universal wallet — into their platforms.

Smart Contracts

Aleph-based Smart Contracts ensure scalability and speed of the execution.

Permissioned Blockchain

Aleph Zero is an open-source and permissionless platform — however, we do understand the need for a permissioned blockchain.

Security Consultancy

We can pinpoint possible areas and needs where fast and scalable blockchain might be beneficial to your organization.

Data Storage

Implementation of an Aleph-based decentralized file storage system.


We're Changing the Way You Think About Cryptography


Decentralization and digitizing trust between peers is the future of modern businesses.


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